Friday, May 30, 2008

Bon Voyage (to be read like Bugs Bunny's 'Bon Voyeggie' please)

Okay...we're off to Long Island and Amelia's in the driver's seat

Boy do I hate the L.I.E.!!!!!

So we're off to Long Island on Sunday. I can't believe it. Saying goodbye to all of her incredible therapists for a month is really strange. They all seem so invested in her well-being. Each have shown me how excited they are for her and looking forward to seeing the differences when we return.

Yesterday Nestor and I drove up to the house (we left Amelia here with Lia, our wonderful nurse) to get the port-a-crib, space saver high chair, sound soothers, baby monitors (sadly, we don't need them in our little apt!!!), DVD player, suitcases, etc. What a day! I was able to get to Target with Amelia's, Titi Terry where I had the strange feeling my Mother must have had when she was buying stuff for me to take to camp. Amelia scored big because Titi got her some awesome clothes so she can be stylin for her therapies.

So tomorrow night we're having a night out for our 6th anniversary (it was Memorial Day weekend like 85% of other married couples) before we take off. Angelo & Maxie's, here we come. Martinis with steaks and sides people, that's what I'm talkin about! And Sunday it's off to the Ronald McDonald House to settle in for Monday's big start.

I'll do my best to post updates and any pics or video I can upload.


Carrie said...

I can't wait to hear all about it and most of all come for a visit! Good luck Amelia!!!!

laila said...

GOOD LUCK sweetie! She looks adorable in those pics! Hugs

Dani said...

oh she looks so cute in her cozy-coupe! what is the hbot center you are going to? when gracie was 18months old we went to long island for her hbot too...i just wonder if it's the same place! i have a pic of gracie with the hbot nurse there her name is stephanie. of course this was 4 yrs ago so....
good luck and hugs to you guys....look forward to the updates!