Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy August

This is video from my phone from this weekend while shopping at BJ's.
She had sooooooo much fun!

It is a time of change. Our Speech Therapist, Sophia had her last session with Amelia yesterday. We haven't found a replacement yet, as August is a difficult time to find new therapists. Her Special Instructor, Melissa is leaving next week and Amelia has a wonderful new Special Instructor, Carol.

Amelia has a summer cold which she has lovingly passed on to me. Now I sound like Kathleen Turner...or a drag choose. The good news is that we haven't had to pull out the suctioning unit. Just a wipey (recieving blanket), breathing treatments, tylenol and a little bulb syringing here and there seems to be doing the trick.

Nestor has just left for the airport and as always, I'm happy he is leaving to work, but sad to see him go. He finished an episode of a new show called "Fringe" on Tuesday (the same folks that brought you "Lost"), which shoots in NYC and now he's off to LA to shoot an episode of "Medium". Episodics have started up, so hopefully he'll be able to land a couple more jobs before he heads home -- which means we're not sure how long this trip will be.

Next week we had planned a trip down to my parent's beach house in Margate, NJ. I think my Mom will come up next week and drive with the girl and I to the house. It will be Amelia's first time at the beach (the sandbox in Bleeker Park doesn't count) and I'm looking forward to dipping her little toes in the ocean!

The week we spent at Therapies 4 Kids and the 5 HBOT dives we did with Amelia were the perfect little refresher she needed until we get back there for the month of Sept. Toward the end of our stay, her stamina for standing progressed and she did some terrific walking. All in all, A+.

Last week was very busy for us as Eileen (the founder of Bright Steps Forward & Therapies 4Kids) and Annette (the President of the Co.) were in town and we tried to introduce them around as best we could. We took them to the Tony Darrow Celebrity Golf Tournament and also to meet my former bosses, Sonny Grosso and Christina Krauss. Both meetings were successful in different ways and ultimately they will both help Bright Steps Forward in different ways.


Adam and Jamie said...

The video isn't working:-(

Carrie said...

I saw the video. Very cool. I hope you guys have a great time at the beach. BTW you gave Sam your cold through the phone. Thanx a lot... LOL