Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Last of the Summer Fun

Amelia and I on the Tin Lizzie's in Ocean City, NJ saying "Hi" to (Aunt) Jackie and (cousin)Ezra

The week before last, we went to Margate, NJ for a few days and hung out with my folks and sister, Jackie's (above) family. Always fun, but got rained out from going to "Storybook Land" which is where we had so much fun last summer. We went to the Aquarium instead -- although I think Amelia would have had more fun on some rides. Oh well, next year.

It was pretty quiet last week. Just hanging around and seeing friends and family. Went to the park a lot and had drinks with a girlfriend on Friday night. I actually trekked all the out to Brooklyn!

This is a group that we stumbled on last Wed. evening. Magic hour at The Hudson River Park. It's a group of Tango Enthusiasts who go to different venues each day of the week. It was really beautiful. Amelia is a superb dancing partner! Only in NY folks...only in NY!

Not too much else to report, which is good! School starts tomorrow and I couldn't be happier. Don't get me wrong -- we've had a very relaxing couple of weeks -- but I am really ready to get back to my own morning routine. Also, because Amelia gets so much of her therapy and socialization at school I always feel like she loses out on a lot when she's home for such a long period of time (3.5 weeks) around us boring grown ups.

Big shout out to Ezra who turned 5 yesterday!!!!! Also to my MIL, Regina who had a birthday yesterday too -- turning...more than 5;)


Anonymous said...

Very nice--glad to see a posting. You and Amelia looked like you had fun dancing-couldn't get the video to work too well- had some sound, part of the way. It was fun in Margate--glad you came!


Jodi Cutler Del Dottore said...

Good luck with school storm-trooper! Hugs to you, glad you got out with your girlfriend. Btw, it's so not boring hanging out with grownups- that's where you get the real juice!