Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Big things could be afoot!

Amelia is on the mend. We put her on Biaxin last week and we're on our fourth day of no suctioning. Whew. Always the lovebug -- Amelia has shared her latest cold with me. I'm feeling pretty terrible, but also on the mend.

We had a terrific weekend with my folks. They came upstate to the house with Elvis (my first "little responsibility" before Amelia came along -- he's a blind cairn terrier with diabetes who now resides with my folks -- poor little guy, but I think he remembered the house). We spent the first couple days inside because there was terrential rain. On Saturday night Amelia refused to go to sleep. After arguing with her for 45 minutes, we brought her downstairs to watch "Wild Hogs" with us. She made it thru but fell asleep 20 minutes before the end (10:20pm). By Sunday it was beautiful and we decided to head out to Westpoint for a tour. The bus tour was on a school bus -- first come, first served. Nestor explained that we have a handicapped child, so they gave us headsets and let us follow behind in our car. What a ride. We weren't sure how this was going to play out -- but our girl was a dreamboat and just stared out the window enjoying the view and playing with her feet (did I mention she can't get enough of her feet -- the most fun toy ever!) When the tour concluded we headed to Highland Falls, the town right outside Westpoint and found a really cute, little, extremely festive Mexican Restaurant. We hooked up Amelia's feeding and ordered a fiesta of food for ourselves. Really good! From there we went to Brotherhood Winery (the oldest winery in the USA and about 3 minutes from our house). My Dad, Nestor and I did the wine tasting while my Mom distracted Amelia, who by that point had had enough site seeing and wanted to go home and roll around on her playmat and play. We finished and headed home where Bubbie and Zadie hung out with Amelia while we got dinner together. Titi Terry and Uncle Artie also joined us for a lovely dinner of burgers, salad and pasta salad with babka and berger cookies for dessert. Monday was sad. We spent the morning together and then headed our separate ways. They went back to Baltimore and we headed back into the city for her first therapy at 1pm.

At 4pm yesterday, Nestor and I had a conference call with Kelly Dorfman, a nutritionist from Potomac, MD who was recommended to us thru Dr. Frielich, our Developmental Pediatrician. We had a very enlightening conversation and left with four supplements to try with Amelia. They are all brain enhancers and she's had great success with some of her other kids with CP. Peracitam, Toddler DHA, Vitamin E and Phoshosphatidyl Serine. We bought the Vitamin E yesterday and ordered the Piracitam online (it's from England) and I've left messages at a pharmacy which may be able to help me with the others. She gave us very specific brands and amounts. We're very excited about the prospects but also know that we shouldn't get too excited...yet....


Jamie Biegs said...


I always check to see if there are new Amelia Updates. Good luck with the supplements.

cousin j