Monday, January 24, 2011

Dearest Amelia

Happy Birthday to my littlest love.  You have taught me more in five years than most people can teach  in a lifetime.  Thank you for making each day a day filled with love, joy, laughs and tenderness.  With all the challenges you face each day, you greet them with perseverance and spirit.  Daddy and I have always said that despite your struggles -- you are the sweetest and easiest kid alive (we're not biased or anything!).  You have grown so much this year, both physically (oy! my back), emotionally and cognitively.  We are so proud of you and all of your tremendous accomplishments -- no matter how big or small they may be.  

This has been a big year for us as a family.  Big move to LA.  Getting your own big girl room.  Starting a new school with new friends.  Taking a few airplane trips -- winging back and forth between the coasts.  Getting through several colds without antibiotics!!! (HUGE!) Using the potty like a big girl.  Taking the lollipop from my hand and putting it directly into your mouth and holding it there all by yourself.  You're walking more, crawling more, playing harder and showing your independence around every turn.  You are more vocal when you're happy, sad, frustrated or struggling.  You dance all the time when you're feeling happy and it makes everyone around you happy (although there are the moments when we're pretty sure you're going to bang your head or tip over your chair/stander and our happiness changes to horror as we beeline toward you -- can't tell you how many of Amelia's nurses have had near heart attacks watching her dance!)  You hug and kiss us all the time -- which are THE BEST hugs and kisses I've ever gotten!  And yet, you are still easily calmed by Baby Tad -- nice to know some things haven't changed. 

You are so loved, my Amelia.  Always know that you are the most loved little girl!  

With all my heart and soul HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGEL!!!!! 

Yes, it's blurry -- but when you get a smiling pic, you have to share it!!!!
Amelia loved putting the balloon to her face and squishing on it!!! 
Thanks for all the balloons Auntie Colette! 
(like 50 helium balloons! It was gorgeous!)

 The famous ice cream cake

Amelia with Patricia, her nurse, Mommy and Daddy just before singing "Happy Birthday"!