Sunday, August 8, 2010

Spike Visits LA

 Spike, Nestor and I at Disney Studios

Spike came into town this past Monday and we had a jam packed week of fun!  Tuesday night we attended the Red Carpet Premier of "The Expendables" and Wednesday night we saw a screening of "Secretariat" at Disney Studios.  "The Expendables" was disappointing to us.  Such a huge cast with so much potential -- but not much of a story.  Just straight action, CGI, pyrotechnics and tons of corny dialogue.  "Secretariat" was amazing!  A real movie for the family.  The performances were terrific and I must have cried 10 times!  It was directed by Randall Wallace ("Braveheart") and the racetrack scenes were just so exciting!!!!

Amelia was soooooo happy to see her big brother!  She would light up whenever he would come in to see her and she just can't keep her hands off of him!  Amelia would laugh and dance more whenever he was around.  It's so cute.  She doesn't see him all the time...but she definitely knows who he is to her.  Smart cookie that girl of mine!

Here they are in her room.  So sweet!  

We also had a BBQ on Wednesday and Spike met his cousins who live 10 minutes from us in Calabasas.  We sat around and talked -- even pulled out a Ouija board at one point as they told us a story about the woman who had owned their house before them and had committed suicide in the garage.  Creepy!  I'm not sure if Spike had even met them before and definitely not their kids, so that was a fun (spooky) time too! 

Friends came by to visit and hang out.  Nestor and Spike got to have a lot of quality father-son time.  Dinners and lunches were prepared and consumed.  All just passing days in paradise!  Saturday morning my cousin from DC came by for a quick brunch, while passing thru from LA to Santa Barbara.  Yesterday, Nestor and Spike went golfing and then met Amelia and I at the Calabasas Commons.  We were sitting by the pond/water fountains they have there and out of no where, a tortoise walked out into the walkway.  We've been there a few times and never saw any tortoises. We concluded that they must be new there because A) they looked lost, B) other people were reacting to them as if they had never seen them before, C) there were like half a dozen lazing on rocks all of the sudden!  Nestor and Spike kept picking them up as they crawled out and put them back near the water.  So funny!  I'm sure the tortoises were cursing us under their breath but they looked like they were going to get trampled by strollers and what not.  Last night Spike and I made Toll House cookies.  It's our thing.  We had a 3 teaspoon raw cookie dough limit each! And today we had the weekly get together here with our LA family.  So wonderful to have everyone around and pitching in here and there to get lunch on the table before Spike had to leave for the airport.  Sad to say goodbye...but I'm pretty sure he'll be back!!!!!!