Monday, October 22, 2007

Runny noses suck!

Poor little thing has been sick since last Thursday. Was up with her all nite Friday, fever, breathing problems -- all of it. She finally fell asleep around 5AM Sat. morning after a breathing treatment and slept until almost 9AM. Her fever was gone when she woke up. Yay!
She seemed to be handling her secretions really well until last nite, so I finally pulled out the old suctioning unit. We've only suctioned her a few times, but it doesn't seem to help too much. I'm not sure if she should be on something, maybe she has a sinus infection? I'm going to call the doc tomorrow if she isn't substantially better.
Anyway, our new nurse, Denise, is wonderful -- very sweet and mothering. Amelia has been in good hands with her.
This weekend was really terrific. Nestor and I saw our dear friend and actor extraordinaire, Shawn Elliott on the closing matinee of "Night Over Taos" at the Theater for the new City. It was great to get out and see some live theater. Then, Shawn came over to the West Village between his shows and we all, including our Amelia, had a visit at the restaurant across the street from us, Cowgirl Hall of Fame (don't worry Mom, she was warmly dressed and comfortable and we were only there for an hour -- and she had a good ol' time!). Then on Sunday, our friend Richard came by to have a little lunch (and brought a delectable tort).
So, despite her cold, Amelia was in good spirits and got out a few times to enjoy the delightful weather we've been having. Next weekend my folks are coming into town and we'll be journeying up to the house upstate for a few days. Really looking forward to the fall foliage. And perhaps taking our girl to a nearby farm for her first pumpkin.