Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Still sick...

Amelia was up a lot last nite and spiked 102.7 temp, which broke by 6AM. She woke up early and fell asleep just before her speech therapist arrived today (how convenient). Called the Pediatrician early this AM, only to find out our doc is walking a marathon in CA, but was assured one of her partners would return the call. Of course they called during the one hour that I ran to a yoga class (which was way after I called). Anyway, couldn't get him back on the phone and called each hour until I was finally told -- "oh, he's seeing his last patient and will call you back when he's finished" to which I responded, that on my first call that morning I was very specific in stating that I wanted to bring her in today to see someone. OH. So, I finally spoke to the doc who listened to my tale of her spiking fevers a few days apart and has been sick since last Thurs. He told me to bring her in and someone would see her. Cancelled her afternoon therapy and we - our new nurse, Denise, Nestor, Amelia and I piled into the car and drove crosstown in midday traffic. We ended up seeing one of the partners who we've seen before. She's terrific and gave me an antibiotic prescription for her, but we decided to wait 48 hours to see if it's just viral (if she's still sick in 48 hours, we'll know it's bacterial) before giving her the meds. It's hard to tell where she is because you can see she's just feeling lousy overall.
She's had so many changes recently too and taken them all in stride. An increase in services, a new nurse and...Mommy got a funky new haircut!


timothy said...

hey, deb.

the blog looks terrific. nicely done!

sorry to hear she's feeling low these days. apparently this is the season and many have jumped on the haywagon.

let's see the new haircut. and while you're at it, give mr. bellylaughs a squeeze for me.


CresceNet said...
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