Sunday, November 11, 2007

A new cry

This weekend Amelia has shown us a new cry that pierces our ears and had me freaking last nite. It's loud and strong, not with real tears (although tonite I saw a couple) and she just rolls away from me and pushes the sound out like when a kid is just at their limit and wants ...something...that they can't tell you because they can't talk yet. It's wonderful! It didn't freak me out as much tonite when she did it, but it definitely wares on you after awhile. It's that normal thing that most parents have been dealing with since the beginning -- but Amelia has never had that kind of strength or, I guess, motivation. We really do think that the supplements are having an effect. The nutritionist had mentioned that the piracetam can make kids cranky -- well, I think we know the answer to that now. She's been waking up from her naps (not all) crying this newfound cry. And dinnertime, she's showing us she's hungry with her newfound cry. It's just the beginning, we hope, for this newfound awareness. So exciting -- and exhausting!


Carrie said...

I can't believe how much she looks like Sam. Amelia looks awesome and so do you by the way! I am so excited for all of Amelia's recent gains. THis is so exciting!