Thursday, November 8, 2007

She has so much to say!

This week we have seen lots of changes -- and it's hard to know whether they're real or we're searching so hard for it...or if it's just normal development. Who knows? Here's what we do know -- in the past several days (she's been on the vitamin E, Piracetam, phosphotidylserine (sp?) and green magma (it's just for fiber and nutrients -- but I just like saying "magma") and she has been very, very vocal, reaching a lot more and very active. These supplements are called brain enhancers or smart drugs. Each therapist and our nurse, Denise have noted the differences -- so perhaps it's not just in our heads. I promise to keep everyone posted on the progress.

This evening Nestor and I went to a school fair for schools who have programs for kids with special needs. It's a little premature but I wanted to go because I want to know what's out there. It's amazing what's available to these kids -- special classes, sensory gyms, therapy programs in house, integrated classrooms...we have no idea where Amelia will be when she ages out of homebased EI (she'll be 3 yrs, 8 months old) so we'll have to look more seriously later. Example, one we were really interested in is Roosevelt on W. 34th Street, it has 5 classrooms with a max of 6 students per classroom -- a nurse, PT, OT, SLP, and Special Ed teachers on staff. the sweet woman we spoke to said that Amelia sounded just like one of their kids (many schools have less medically fragile kids). Literally across the hall, under the same umbrella, is Gramercy, which has integrated classrooms that are a bit larger. This means that, if appropriate, Amelia could start in Roosevelt and if we felt she was moving past that program, she could transfer to Gramercy. Anyway, we have time to look and consider...and there's another fair on 10/ on and so on.


Anonymous said...

I don;t care what school you send Amelia to, because she is already blessed with the best teacher; that's you. Amelia has made enormous progress with the great support system you have put together. I know first hand that it's your absolute faith and effort that makes it all work. You have the most incredible energy; you never stop.
Here's to our Amazing Amelia.

Titi Terry said...

hi, i finally got here . honestly i would never do this, except for my girlie girl. how excited am i to hear about your visit to school ! next step pleated skirts and
saddle shoes.

Titi Terry