Sunday, December 9, 2007

Another lazzzzy Sunday!

Amelia had a terrific week. Our nurse, Denise is back and we are so over the moon to have her back. I took advantage and did lots of fun things -- yoga, a movie (the last movie I saw in a theater was "Capote" last year), lunch and cooking. So nice to get out a little for some "me" time. (I saw "Enchanted" with Veronica and we had such a great time. Adorable -- all girls should see it -- together!)

Amelia is getting stronger everyday. She is so interactive and seems to understand so much. We all make a point of speaking to her in a clear way. Explaining what we're doing, where we're going, who is at the door (ie. which therapist is on her way up), etc. She has mastered the sign for "give me" and it makes our hearts melt everytime she uses it. I'll bring over a toy and ask her if she wants it and she'll sign "give me" or when I'm giving her tastes of purees, I'll ask her if she wants more and if she does, she'll make the sign -- it not, she won't . It's quite clear. Her teacher, Lilli has been the driving force in teaching her signs and modifying them so she can actually do them. It's amazing really. Our latest thing is that I growl at her and she laughs and squeals at it. Also, a heart-melting thing. It's just so incredible to see how communicative she is and that she really gets it, you know? One of our biggest fears has always been, and still continues to be, how she will react and respond to the world. It's still too soon to know completely, but we're very encouraged by her day to day -- hour to hour -- gains.

Nestor had oral surgery on Friday so we knew we weren't doing much this weekend. As it turns out, he felt pretty good and wasn't horribly swollen on Saturday so the three of us trekked to NJ to see his mom at his sis's house. It was a great visit and she and Carlo made a stupendous meatloaf -- so sweet of them -- knowing Nestor would be sore. He ate a lot of it -- actually so did I. YUM! Today Nestor woke up with the most swelling he's had so far(we knew day 3 would be the worst). Not terrible, but he wasn't going to venture out so we vegged out. I ran to the store in the AM while Nestor and Amelia chilled. Then, we watched a documentary on HBO, ate, napped and now I'm getting ready to turn in for the nite. What a tough life, right? Amelia was not interested in going to sleep and just finally fell off around 10PM.

This is our OT's last week with us and then she's off indefinitely for maternity leave. It's very exciting but we're sad to loose her. She's the only one who's been with us since we arrived here from LA. We have a new therapist in place, but Amelia's increases came thru last week and now we're searching for yet another OT to split the therapy with (the mandate is 5 days a week for 30 minutes -- a lot for most therapists to fit into their schedules, so normally you'll split it up so one will do 2 days and another will do 3 days -- very complicated) -- so we'll see how all of that goes. Wish us luck!


Carrie said...

THis is such great news. I am so happy for Amelia!!!! Sam can't wait to see his girl friend and give her a kiss!