Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry, Merry!

I know, I know -- not my holiday. But I married into it soooooo....I get to get excited too! Nothing like Evelyn's Pernil(roast pork), arroz y condules (rice and beans), plantains and pastelillo (beef pie). YUM! I'm making banana pudding for dessert (Magnolia Bakery's recipe).

Anyway, rewind to Friday. Amelia was still not doing so well, she still sounded so congested, so I called the Pediatrician and told her we were coming over. Friday would have been her last day on the Zithromax and I wasn't satisfied. The Doc listened to her and agreed that she needed a new antibiotic (Augmentin 10 days) and prednisone (steroid 5 days). Amelia always does great on the steroids -- they just make her a little zany and hyper. She hasn't been too bad this time though. Big thing is that her breathing sounds clearer and she seems much more comfortable. I've actually slept the past couple nights -- a Christmas Miracle!!!!

So today and yesterday we've been hanging low. Just staying in and catching up on everything. Tomorrow we'll be going out in the afternoon to our friend's - Donna, Shawn and Darmia's so we wanted Amelia to rest up as much as possible.

That's the latest and greatest from us. Have a wonderful holiday!!!!


Carrie said...

Happy Holidays! Did you watch the movie yet???? Much better then "Its a wonderful Life," don't ya think?? ;)

Veronica said...

I guess this is where I leave a coment? I am wandering around in a cyber abyss.Strange but very cool.I love you all and Debbie you are genius for starting the blog I really love it and I like the new Amelia pic's she is sooo big!