Thursday, January 17, 2008


So we took Amelia to UCP on Tuesday and it was a smashing success. She had her whole team there. We started out at the lending library so we could borrow this cool thing called a "Creepster Crawler." It's a lightweight aluminum structure with 4 wheels and a harness hanging down to support her in quadruped. Mercedes (OT) who fit her into it said she did great and was really getting into it. We packed it into the car and headed next door to meet the rest of the crew.

Chrysanthia (Amelia's Fairy Godmother at UCP), Michelle (PT), Dr. Evangelista (Physiatrist), Armando (fits the Orthotics), Hirschel (vendor for Smartwalker), Karen (Medicaid Service Coordinator) and Amy (her OT thru EI who comes to our house 2x/week)were all there to meet us. So imagine all these people in the treatment room -- picking Amelia up, manipulating her, casting her legs for the orthotics that will be part of the Smartwalker and general she's been running lowgrade to highergrade fevers for three days (we believe it's from her 2 yr. molars cutting thru) AND...she did awesome. No crying, no kvetching...just very social and playing. We were so proud of her taking everyone on like that! So, the walker is being ordered and because Dr. E is leaving for the month of Feb. they're putting us on the fast track. Jan 28th we go back to UCP to make sure everything fits correctly and hopefully take it home that day. I just can't wait to see her running around the apt, getting her own toys and making real decisions for herself.

So yesterday, Wed., when Amy (OT) came for her session with Amelia, we put her in the Creepster. It was definitely a 2-3 person job. Making sure her head is up, her fingers don't get run over and giving her the input to move reciprocally . Lots of handling...but she really did great! She went back and forth across the apt about 4-5 times and really wanted to keep going. Also, I've noticed that since the other day there's been lots of independent movement by her, trying to get into a crawling position. In her crib, on the playmat. Pulling her little knees in, pushing up her tush and trying to push up onto her hands. She just doesn't have the upper body strength...but if she keeps doing this and we keep helping her...she'll build that strength by golly, we'll see to it!!!!

Anyway, another great thing is that we took her to the ENT today and she reported to us that, despite many other reports given to us by docs checking her ears...her tubes are, in fact, in place. She told us that others may think one is falling out because they are mismatched. I know, I embarrassing...having mismatched tubes in her ears. I teased the ENT that she didn't have to rush when she put them in...she could have gone and found the other matching one. Oh well. 'Ce la vie!

Today we have our new nurse here, Helena. So far so good. And tonight we meet the new PT. Everyone say a little prayer for us...I hope he works out!


Vanessa said...

mismatched tubes!! Hilarious! I want to see what the crawler thing looks like!