Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Girls day out!

I have to put in a quickie note that I am having a pretty great week as far as getting in "girltime."

Tuesday I met up with a good friend of a good friend and had a fantastic day of lunch, shopping and shmying around. It was really nice and I'm excited to add another gal to my roster of pals.

Today was another girlie day -- just Amelia and Mommy! We went out for a couple walks, did our creepster time and had some quality snuggling and hugs.

Tomorrow, I'm quite excited to be wisked away by my friend, Carrie, for pedicures, a massage and some chill time at her Dad's pad, on the upper east side, for a few hours -- just to get away (her Dad's in FL).

I've been missing my gal time -- when it rains it pours! (April showers and all...:)


Carrie said...

So much fun! Can't wait to do it again!

Vanessa and John said...

You should starts that group! You even have to people to start with! I have already met 4 moms with kids EXACTLY like Giuli! It's so refreshing to have such good support!

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