Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day 4

We just came from our 7th dive. FYI- a dive is basically when you go into the chamber (think a tanning bed that closes completely and locks you in, but the top and sides are glass so you can see out) and they pressurize for 7 minutes until you're at the level you're supposed to be at, below sea level, in our case it's about 20 feet below sea level. But no Jamie, you are just lying in the chamber -- not actually going under water. It's all done with air and oxygen pressure. You hang there for an hour and then they bring you back up for 7 minutes.

Also, just wanted to mention our first 3 minutes in the Ronald McDonald House, when we got there on Sunday. We walked in with Amelia in her stroller and a huge Goldendoodle named Harley came up to us, nose to nose with Amelia, and gave her kisses. He's a therapy dog who's at the house every Sunday. So sweet! The kids were just lying all over him, he just hung out.

Yesterday Nestor had to go into the city for a couple auditions and got stuck there a little later than we thought. I happened to bump into the the family who is also having therapy here at Therapies 4 Kids, Tatum (4 yr. old girl) and her Dad, Tim, in the kitchen around dinner time. They were just sitting down, so Amelia and I joined them. Tatum is adorable! She's a twin with CP and low tone. She speaks and smiles constantly, her congnition is right on but has physical challenges to overcome. Amelia loves her. When we came up to them I told Amelia "Hand up for hello" and she did it! Right away! It was very cool. So the four of us had dinner lastnight and it was really fun. I asked Amelia if she wanted some food, which she hasn't been wanting because she's so tired. But lastnight she wanted food, so I grabbed it out of the fridge and fed her about a tablespoon of apple-blueberries. She swallowed it like a pro -- not much drooling or pushing it out of her mouth. Yay!

So now we're at Therapies 4 Kids and Amelia is crashed out for her 15 minute power nap.

Tomorrow we head home to NYC for the weekend. It'll be nice to get home!


Carrie said...

I love hearing all about everything. It sounds like Amelia is doing really well. I can't wait to come for a visit.

Amelia's titi said...

hey guy's, it's titi terry, been trying to touch base but no luck.been telling everyone the latest and greatest in amazing amelia's world. lots of love and kisses from the spistos, silbermans, millers, nicole and junior titis dolores and carol.i will keep trying. would like to spend some time with you and amelia at RMH.

Amelia's titi said...

hi its titi terry,i have been telephone tag with you guys. been spreading the word on amelia,s amazing experience.lot,s of love and kisses from spisto,s, silbermans, millers, grossmans and other titi,s dolores and carol. i want to know when you need my help at rmh. i,ll
try to call you again tonite. love