Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Amelia continues to do incredible things. She is the complaining girl these days -- and although it has puzzled Nestor and I (trying to figure out what's wrong), we've been told by Eileen (the founder of "Bright Steps Forward" & "Therapies 4 Kids"), Dr. Schwartz (the medical director of "Therapies 4 Kids" & runs the HBOT) and the chiropracter who works in the same office as the Therapies 4 Kids space -- it's all good! Any communication is a great thing. She's been so easy going for so long and now her brain is waking up and she's trying to express herself. And ot be fair, Amelia's doing a lot more vocalizing all around. And today, she has begun to wave "hi". We brought her in to have therapy this AM and Victoria, the woman who cleans the offices waved "hi" to her and with Amy (PT) prompting the phrase "hand up for hello." Amelia put her hand up to wave!!!!! HUGE! And then she did it again for me. And again when Anthony, Dir. of Development, arrived. I can hardly wait for Lia, our nurse, to show up to see if Amelia is for real or just putting us on (hee hee). I'm feeling giddy about it. Also, Amy has been working really effectively with her all morning. I'm noticing that she's getting herself into quadraped with very little effort. With a little support under the chest, she's moving really nicely on all fours. So exciting to see this all right in front of our dramatically.

Last night we went to a really fantastic fundraiser for Bright Steps Forward. It was held at a big old mansion in Westbury on the campus of NYIT. What a gorgeous place and lovely event. We're not sure of the numbers yet, but hopefully they raised a lot of moolah to help our kids. They are doing such important work here that is so effective -- and this is really their first big event. There's a bigger one happening in September and Nestor and I are completely on board to help out in any way we can. Big believers in what they're doing here. Not just helping to cope with your special needs child...but actually giving families rehabilitation and hope for their child's future.

By the by, if you were looking for us on Fox 5 NY news yesterday, I got the word late yesterday that our segment will be on on Wednesday (tomorrow) between 7 and 9AM. I know, I know...but this is the best we can do on finding the time out. I think you might be able to access it online too -- but I'm not sure.

Thanks for checking in and giving us so much support. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful community of support.


eileen de oliveira said...

Debbie, I am soooo excited about the quadraped success. I remember the last day I was there I made mention to Amy that it looked like she was ready to get on all 4's and try some crusing!!!

You guys are just too cool! thanks for letting us be a part of Amelia's new life skills!!!