Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Stars and Cigars" Gala

The fundraiser for Bright Steps Forward (BSF) was a success. They raised about $150,000 for our kids. Our friends came to lend their support and we are so grateful to them for being there. Nestor and I had a wonderful night out and we look forward to the next event -- which I believe will be coming up in a month or so. I have been working on trying to upload the video that nestor put together, but have been unsuccessful. Two hours of futzing around is my i promise to try again tomorrow. Sorry!

We're almost finished our 3rd week out here on Long Island and Amelia has been doing such incredible work the past few days. Really strong crawling and walking.

We've even been putting her on the treadmill and she's been doing between .1-.3 mph with beautiful reciprocal movements. Amy (PT) sits behind her on the treadmill, we rigged a step (from step aerobics) across the treadmill belt so she can sit down and not kill her back standing over Amelia while she walks and gives her trunk support. But Amelia's been taking all the steps herself like the champ that she is.

Crawling has gotten stronger too. We still have her in the arm braces to keep her elbows from buckling, but again she's initiating the arm and legs movements reciprocally.

What we glean from this is that she is getting it! She understands the movements, she just needs to build the strength to do it on her own -- which she is doing little by little. On Monday, we walked her from the therapy room to the larger gym in the front space, probably about 50 feet, two of us holding her up under each armpit. On Tuesday, we did the same walk but one of us held her under the armpit and one of us holding her under the elbow (less supportive). By today, Thursday, Amy (PT) was walking her by holding her hands. It was unbelievable!!!!
Amelia was definitely wobbly, but man oh man...she looked good!!!!!! She really is doing this and it's simply remarkable to watch as each day unfolds some new, momentous accomplishment.


laila said...

OMG- WTG AMELIA!!! Thats fantastic news how exciting -I'm glad the fundraiser went well, sending hugs!!!

Mathew Lee said...

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