Thursday, February 19, 2009


I took the plunge yesterday and joined FACEBOOK. I have been obsessed since. I've reconnected with so many old friends from high school, college, etc. I even found a group for the theater camp I went to when I was 16. A few friends have been messaging me constantly and posted some photos of us from when we were 13. SO FUN! I can barely tear myself away from the computer to go the gym for an hour -- but I have been because I'm also a little obsessed with my daily 6 mile runs. I feel out of balance -- but that could be because I donated blood yesterday and went out for an early happy hour this evening.

Anyway, the really good news is that tomorrow AM, we're getting our new wall-to-wall carpet. Tonight I have to lay down the matting that goes under it (from Wal-Mart -- good stuff). I can't wait to get back to our morning routine of walking around the apt. I've been doing some, but this will give me a safer feeling to go wherever I want with Amelia safely.

She's been doing really well this week. Lots of "Give me's" (sign language) for everything. Lots of laughing and reacting to people, TV, letting me know when she's had it, etc. We started therapeutic feedings again. Her new Speech Pathologist, Keisha is working on getting her to strip the spoon and she picked it up really quickly. We've always given her food on the underside of the spoon. What Keisha does is put the food on the spoon normally, puts the spoon in and closes her lips around it by closing her jaw with a finger under her chin. Genius! Makes perfect sense. Amelia's really has responded to it and is picking up on. Tomorrow Keisha and I are going to the Lending Library at UCP to get some Augmentative Communication Devices for her to use. It should be a very cool intro for Amelia.

Gearing up for the Oscars. I know I'll never stay awake for it. Nestor's still in LA. We usually go out and get lots of good eats & drinks and gorge ourselves. Oh well, probably better to not do that this year anyway. Did I mention that I've now lost 25lbs?


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie,

It sounds like facebook is fun. Amelia sounds like she is doing extremely well- great! I'm anxious to see her new skills and the new carpet should really help with her safe mobility. Let me know how it looks. 25 lbs-Wow! Keep it up & maybe you'll inspire me. I haven't stopped eating since we are away. Soon we will be home, & I'll start all over again.


Carrie said...

HAHAHAHA Facebook... so funny and of course addicting. I always wondered why you haven't joined in the past. Nestor has to join up. So happy about the carpet. I cannot wait to see it. Talk to you soon.

Ellen said...

Hi! I am glad Amelia had a great week. Hope you are enjoying the new carpet! I've been on Facebook for a while, it's fun--but yet another time suck! Stop by my blog, I'm passing along an award to you!

laila said...

Whoo Hooo 25 pounds- you go girl!!! Isn't facebook addicting- LOL- I love it too! WTG Amelia...another cool feeding trick to help them swallow more/better is placing the food between there inside cheek and gums- its then harder for them to spit out and easier to swallow- hugs- it takes them awhile to get it but they catch on eventually- hannah has been oral eating since birth and is just now getting the hang of things- Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!

Jodi Cutler Del Dottore said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! You GO GIRL!