Friday, February 6, 2009


Well, we're on the mend -- both Amelia and Mommy. Her tongue has a white film (like a skin) over the ripped open area (so painful looking) which, I guess, is the body's way of healing itself.

And I, well, I am healing too. I'm cutting myself a little slack. I still haven't walked her to her chair for breakfast, and I'm not walking her by the hips for awhile (which is where I was holding her when she fell) but by under the arms -- which is a lot of support, but oh well! That's where I am right now.

I just finished an appt for a free in home estimate from Empire Carpet -- found a lovely frisse' carpet with lots of golden/copper/brown tones and am meeting with another guy from Popular Carpet in a half hour. We're going to lay down more of the matting we got from Wal-mart (really good interlocking stuff for about $24.00 per 6 pack) and put carpeting on top.

My folks are coming up to NYC tomorrow for the weekend, which will be really nice.


Jodi Cutler Del Dottore said...

Hmmm. You don't sound very convincing...I'm sure your mom will hug you, spoil you and take you out on the town. Sometimes we can be so strong...and then sometimes we're just little girls again- experiencing growing pains of our own. Love you, girlfriend-kiss your beautiful daughter.

Ellen said...

Hi, Debbie. Just found your blog. I'm mom to Max, 6, who has cerebral palsy as a result of a stroke at birth. Amelia is adorable! I hope you are both feeling better.

Max had a Rifton at her age, too. He is now walking, and doing so much better than the doom-and-gloom doctors said he would.

Looking forward to reading more about Amelia.


Ellen said...

Thanks for visiting back! I would be pleased to be on your blog roll.