Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ever feel like you've been hit by a mack truck???

It's Saturday morning. I've been up with Amelia all night long. She's sick...big surprise. That's protocol for kids when they start school, right? She has tons and tons of secretions. I've been suctioning and wiping nonstop since around 4pm yesterday.

But let's backup. Wednesday Amelia started school. It was very exciting. Nestor and I drove her to and fro this week...looks like that'll be happening next week too, until they get the paperwork finished and her nurse in school can ride the bus with her. They're different contracts for the nursing agency -- the Dept. of Transportation (DOT) versus the Dept. of Education (DOE), yadda, yadda, yadda.

So, when we walked into the lobby of the bldg. with Amelia, all these women were getting off the elevator with strollers to bring up the arriving children from the buses. They all saw us (about 8-10 ) and rushed up to us cheering "Oh my God, is this Amelia?"and so on. That was it. I wanted to take her stroller and run the other direction...but I didn't. I just got very filled up and thru a clenched smile -- holding back a floodgate -- I squeaked out a very weak "yes." I was so emotional and I didn't think I'd be, because I am, truly, so excited for her to start school.

Also there was her new nurse at school, Toni. She's a sturdy, young woman with lots of personality and smarts -- thank goodness. She seems to really get it. Amelia will be sharing Toni with another little boy in her class. He is so cute! What a handful the two of them are. But there are only 7 children in the class (uh, eh-hem...Miss Amelia is the only girl -- what a Princess-- by the way, that's what Toni calls her) with a teacher, two assistants, another child with a one-to-one, another child with a nurse and Amelia and the little boy with Toni. Lots of extra hands around to help out!

Amelia's nurses, Keisha and Lia came with her this week just to get her adjusted and train Toni in Amelia's routine. Toni did great and I feel confident that she'll do great next week when Amelia is all hers. I was there somewhat, but got kicked out each day by them to go to the gym and let them situate Amelia without Mommy being too close by:( Overall, Amelia did really well this week. They did lots of circle time and books. She had Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy in school this week and all her therapists seem knowledgable and terrific -- with lots of exciting ideas and goals for Amelia. She did fall asleep each day at school, which is fine, as she transitions into her new schedule. Not much napping after school, but definitely having a wierd time adjusting to her new life. She'll get it, I have faith -- but of course, I know now...that she has also been getting sick the last day or so.

So, yesterday morning I noticed she had a lot of stuff coming out of her nose, but blamed it on allergies. Not so. After school was a whole other animal. Keisha tried to take her out and she had a total meltdown. So she brought Amelia home and we put her into her crib, where she fell asleep for a little while. When she woke up, it was like the floodgates had opened and her nose hasn't stopped running and the coughing and sneezing has been endless. So I'm hoping that she gets it out of her system and will be better by tomorrow so she can go to school Monday. Oh well, I guess this is the life.

Also, on another exciting note, Amelia has 20 Res. Hab. hours a week thru her Medicaid waiver, which we have never been able to fill -- could never find the right person and yesterday...we did! So wonderful. This woman, Jossette, came over with our MSC, Karen from UCP and we fell in love with her. Jossette is smart, she works within the special needs community at YAI in Brooklyn (Amelia's school Roosevelt is also YAI) and wants all the hours. Even with Amelia waking up a miserable little monkey yesterday, she wants all the hours -- YAY! So, the paperwork needs to be done and then Amelia will have new friend here every week. We're very lucky.

And to round it up -- Nestor came home on last Saturday and it was great to have him back. It's been a really hectic/stressful week, so we haven't really had any real time to "take in" each other being around...but we will.

So everyone please send healthy thoughts our way.

Also, wanted to note...Happy 1st Birthday Sebastian. Sorry we'll miss your party today. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with cake and ice cream sounds scrumptious! I also think your Mommy, Veronica is really cool. Food for thought: Veronica sent out invites keeping the party on the DL and letting friends know that it's cool to come without a new gift. She asked for recycled toys if you had them. I think in the spirit of today's economy -- that was such a classy move by you! Thanks for being so thoughtful.


Anonymous said...


I hope my little angel is feeling much better by tonite. Sorry we didn't get to skype you later on today. It got hectic and then it was too late. We will aim for tomorrow.

Sorry I couldn't be with you for these first few days of Amelia's school. Hope she's up to going by Monday.


alanraven said...

Starting school is very exciting!!! Hope she feels better soon.


Ellen said...

Hi! How's the little sweetie?

Jodi Cutler Del Dottore said...

Souuuuuuuuuunds Good!!!! Aside from the sickness, but the first year of school is the worst- antibodies. That is so cute about the elevator cry scene- I can see that. Go Girl!!
Debbie, you've taken care of all of her needs, you've done an exceptional job preparing the school. U R AMAZING!