Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Tired Twinkie Defense

I had lunch with my girlfriend, Veronica today and she told me a great story. Her cousin, Katie is the Mother of four under 5 years old, with the youngest at 16 months. As you can imagine, she's exhausted all the time. Sounds familiar, right? Katie's husband is one of those egocentric physicians who thinks he is a God and she is a nurse.

So, her 4 year had been pretty sick, but it was the baby (16 months) who got really sick and they took him to the hospital. His glands were really swollen so they did a battery of tests. When the blood work came back, the baby tested positive for mono. Uhhhh...mono? How the....

Then they tested the older son (4 yr.old) and he tested positive for mono.

So Katie, decided she should probably be tested and guess what people? Yes, Mom had mono -- for three months. Katie was vindicated -- she's not a terrible, neglectful Mother-- but exhausted to the point of: the baby's crying and she cannot get out of bed and just wants to check into a hotel room and sleep for a week. Turns out, she's been carrying this around (unfortunately gave it to her kids) and now knew why. Her friends had told her she was depressed. The husband thought she was just getting off easy and shirking her responsibilities.

So, the moral of this story is...I think we should all get tested for mono -- that's why we've all been so tired and irritable since we had kids!

FYI: The bonehead husband's reaction to finding out the reason his wife had not been herself all these months was "Well, I hope I didn't get it. Maybe I should get tested." OH PLEASE! Get over your bad self!!!!


laila said...

LOL- Men right?!? Thats crazy but I can totally see it we get so exausted and over worked us moms never take care of ourselves! Hugs sweetie!!!!!!!

Ellen said...

Boneheaded is right!!!
Funny, there have been times when I wished I would, like, break a leg or something so I would have an excuse to lie in bed for a long time!
Today, I was pooped--I think I have allergies--and Dave let me crawl into bed at 4:30 and sleep for an hour. I was so grateful. He's not a bonehead, thankfully.

Jodi Cutler Del Dottore said...

FOUR KIDS UNDER 5!!!!! I need to think about this. That could possibly be my worst nightmare. Despite the fact that the husband is an obvious A*S*S...he's obviously been doin' somethin' right! Hugs girlfriend...she can come with us for our drunken night out whenever that happens...