Monday, April 6, 2009

A Milestone to Note

Amelia at school

This weekend we went to our friend, Darmia's 4th Birthday party(daughter of dear friends, Donna and Shawn). We've been attending Darmia's Birthday parties for the past 3 years and it is always with lots of tears and drama (Amelia's, not Nestor's) that we make it though a dreaded hour.

Well, my friends, Amelia is now 3. She goes to school. And now...she attends Birthday parties!!! That's right. We were there for over an hour and Amelia was so into it. She didn't cry, fuss or scream at me. The kids were doing plaster craft (SO FUN!) so I picked out a "Tinkerbell" plaster craft and pushed her stroller up to the very long table where everyone was painting. She was happy as pie to be sitting amongst the kids with a smock on. I started painting the piece -- thinking she would just watch...but out came her little hand for the paint brush. So, hand over hand, we painted Tinkerbell. It was really awesome! And it looks even lovelier;)

There was pizza and cake. Again, at the long table with all the kids, Amelia tasted the whipped buttercream frosting. Then, there was music and dancing. Amelia started to complain then, so I took her out of the stroller and walked her over to where the other kids were doing the "Chicken Dance". It must be that Latin blood, because our girl was so happy to be up and dancing (oh, my aching back tho!) -- but the complaining stopped and she was into it!!!

We left at about the 1-1.5 hour mark. We collected Amelia's plaster craft and headed out. What a great party and a real milestone for The Serrano's.

This weekend we're going down to Baltimore for Passover AND another Birthday party! Our little cousin Austin turns 1. Amelia is such a party animal!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, she looks like such a big girl sitting at a table in school. Sounds like she is becoming a social animal,yeh! We can't wait for your visit on Wed.


Jodi Cutler Del Dottore said...

Amazing!!!! What is truly incredible is that you just keep taking her no matter what insanity occurs. I have lived those traumatic birthday party from hell moments and I know what it means to leave a birthday party without a temper tantrum or embarassing incident.

THIS...was a major milestone and YOU GO GIRL!!!
Hmm. by the tone of your post, I would say that the latin blood works wonders.

Alan said...

See you for Sedar.


eileen said...

debbie, I am so happy for Amelia, you and Nestor. What a great milestone with many more to come for her.


laila said...

OK- That is HUGE!!! I would kill for Hannah to attempt to enjoy a Birthday party...she HATES them- even her own party! Love the pictures- what a cute she is doing so great!!!!