Friday, April 3, 2009

A Quick Update

In a nutshell....

Amelia stayed home Monday, went to school Tuesday, spiked a fever Tuesday nite, stayed home Wednesday and Thursday and is in school today (Friday). We started her on heavy duty antibiotics on Wed. and her ENT upped her Zyrtec dosage 50% when we went there yesterday for an appt. This morning she woke up soooo clear. I couldn't hear her breathing -- and I can always hear her breathing. She looked so comfortable. Unfortunately, it's only for 7 days and then we put her back to the old the dosage. At least she'll get thru this cold better and we know in the future that's an option to dry her up.

It looks like Amelia will be getting the strabismus (eyes) and tube (ear) surgery on May 7th. The tubes we've done twice -- no big deal -- and the strabismus...well, we have a fantastic eye surgeon (Yes Dad, you're the best eye surgeon..but we need pediatric, ok?) and he told us getting the eye surgery is like getting the tubes done. Takes 5 minutes and no big thing, so....there we are! I'm excited to see her eyes look directly at me, straight on. It'll be good to get that taken care of.

Amelia has been making all kinds of incredible sounds and gestures. She is soooo vocal. She'll look directly into your eyes and talk to you. I just wish I had a book called "Amelia Speak" which could interpret each sound. Also, she is now making big demands on us to turn on the TV, in which she points at the TV and yells at us. And heaven forbid you put on the wrong program...that arm goes right up again and she will howl until you put something else on...and heaven forbid that's get the idea. We love it all. Although we have created a bit of a monster. However, I would prefer she make her preferences known. Such a fine line between encouraging communication and creating a spoiled child who gets everything she wants when she wants it. What to do, what to do? At this point we've been encouraging it -- anyone have an opinion? I'm not kidding, we can go thru 7-8 episodes of her favorite cartoon until we reach an acceptable choice. We live in fear of that arm going up and pointing at the TV.

Busy weekend ahead of us. A friend's birthday party and hoping to see Nestor's sister and family too. Then we go to Baltimore for Passover next week, where we have more birthday parties and family stuff planned. It never slows down...just the way I like it!!!


Carrie said...

You guys had a busy busy week!!! Hopefully next week will be better. Guess what Sam's eye/ear surgery is on May 8th... Oye the things we have to do for our little ones.

Jodi Cutler Del Dottore said...

God! God! I've missed all of these exciting posts. REALLY exciting- INCREDIBLY exciting!!! You are so funny, I can imagine Amelia's arm and your face every time. It's your hair-color that throws me off, though. One day I'll see you in person and get it straight. That's truly beautiful...Start putting closed-captioning on her cartoons, since she's going to school now, reading is on the list of things to do:)) There is no time for relaxing.

Btw, so happy for you and good luck with the surgery..