Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

This week is flying by and before we know it we'll be packing luggage, loading up cars and shlepping to friends/family/loved ones to eat/drink/ get the picture. I have begun the preparations for leaving for a long weekend. A trip to the pharmacy to load up on Amelia's medications, two trips to Loehmann's (I had to buy birthday gifts...and I just happened to find some cute things for me!) and tomorrow -- build an ice cream cake, laundry and PACK!

Thursday we will trek to my niece & boyfriend's new house in Jersey City as they host their first big Thanksgiving dinner and then take off afterwards for Baltimore to visit my family. Really looking forward to it. My sister had surgery on her thyroid last week so it will be good to see her. Also, my 20th high school reunion is on Saturday and I have been looking forward to it...still am...but...

On Monday morning Dyana Eckstein, a friend from high school, lost her battle with cancer. She was 39. Dyana wasn't a close friend of mine. We hadn't spoken in years. We were Facebook friends and I had wished her a happy birthday not even a week ago....but she was a dear friend of several of my dear friends. We went to the same parties in school, then to the same bridal and baby showers and bachelorette parties. We were always around each other in our circle and I liked her. I knew she had been sick on and off for the past several years through our mutual friends, but I thought she was in remission. I didn't realize things had gotten so bad that she was in her last efforts to find relief through clinical trials at NIH. One of our mutual best friends, Bethe, had been in daily contact with her. When I saw a post on Facebook, "RIP Dyana" yesterday I flew to the phone to call her. She told me it was her. I am so sad. Whether or not she and I were close, she was a part of my past -- we were girls together. For the girl she was and the woman she became....for the battle she waged and lost...I am sorry for her and for her family and friends...most of them my good friends. I know she touched so many people's lives and will be missed sorely. I also know she was in pain. She told Bethe that she knew her life wasn't about longevity -- she just wanted to make it to 4o.

So this Thursday, when families across the country sit down together, to give thanks and look across the table at each other -- stop and really take it in. We are in a crappy economy. Unemployment is up. We're in a seemingly endless war -- but we have so much.

For those who are by my side or sharing the holiday someplace else this year -- or who are no longer here with us...I want to send you my love. Thank you for all you have given me. I hope to live in the moment during this holiday season -- snapshots to carry with me, to remind me of all I have.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful words! What a sad loss. Let's try to appreciate each other and every moment we are given together.


Jodi Cutler Del Dottore said...

Love you...