Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Sunshine!

It's been such a busy couple weeks. Running from doctors appointments, to UCP for new AFO's (Ankle Foot Orthotics) & to look at new adaptive equipment which we are very excited about, to visiting Adaptive Designs (see link on side bar list), which is one of the most incredible places we've ever visited! Amelia got sick last week and is on 2 weeks of antibiotics, eye drops, ear drops -- along with all the usual meds and respiratory routines. Plus, she shared with Mommy, so I got pink eye too and some kind of sinus thing. We're much better now.

So, Adaptive Designs is a place in NYC that builds furniture out of heavy duty, dense, corrugated cardboard. They bind together layers of it so it feels as strong as wood -- it's incredible. And because it's cardboard they can build ANYTHING! If you can dream it, they can build it. We ordered a high sitting chair with a 10% decline insert that forces the person sitting in it to engage their core muscles -- I think I need one. Also, they're building her a table with an attachable board that can be positioned from flat to 90 degrees and is covered with velcro so we can attach toys to it. We're so excited! We were also able to borrow a scooter from them (if you go to the website, go to Hannah's story -- it's the big wheel scooter that she outgrew in the pics). And my favorite part about their furniture is that it is all painted up beautifully. So much of the equipment, that our children need, is institutional looking -- everything there is a work of art, all hand designed, built and painted. They also work on the "no child left behind" policy which means -- your child needs it -- we're gonna build it -- and we'll figure out how we're getting paid later. The people there are truly, all heart!

We saw Avatar a couple weeks ago (if you haven't seen it, you must -- in 3-D, we want to go back to see the 3-D IMAX version -- which was sold out). Nestor and I were struck by one of the lines, "I see you." I love this line. It's how I feel about Amelia. She can't speak, eat or walk -- but I see her. I see this little soul and I know this little person. She is goodness, innocence and love. But she is also opinionated, sassy and demanding. Amelia can't tell you exactly what she wants, but boy will she let you know -- her way! She has perfected her laughing, happy sounds, head shakes, signing "give me", wailing and a little crying (Amelia is quite the diva-drama queen). She makes her voice heard.

Amelia's birthday is on Sunday. I can't believe how much my life was changed *forever* four years ago. I cherish every moment with her.


Anonymous said...

WOW! I love the pics. She looks sooooo adorable. Amelia is one lucky girl to have you as her Mom. Let's hope year 4 will be her best yet!


Jodi Michelle Cutler said...

Definitely one of my favorite posts- lots of information- can't wait to see Avatar...and I cannot believe how much Amelia has grown since the last pix...Love you all- I understand the "I see you" part and THAT is so obvious from every single thing you write---in case you were wondering:-) Have a piece of cake for me!!!! Love you all...