Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

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Christmas 2009

OK, let's cut to the chase. Between Christmas and New Years, Amelia had her Nucleur Test. This is where they put radioactive dye thru her G-tube and do several studies to see how her system is digesting and if there is any reflux and/or aspiration happening. She was such a good girl! No one could believe how sweet and cooperative she was. Amelia is not at a point where you can tell her to sit still and she understands. She is 3 (almost 4!), with global developmental delays! But boy, o boy -- she was put on the gurney and fell asleep -- for all three studies! What an angel.

AND THE RESULTS OF THE STUDY ARE (drumroll please)...Amelia is NOT refluxing or aspirating. This is very good news and gives us a clear understanding as to what is going on.

This means that all of her recent pnuemonias are a result of her not handling her secretions well. They sit in her throat and chest and because of her hypotonia (low tone), they pool, grow bacteria (dark and moist conditions) and eventually make their way into her lungs where the infection blossoms and off we go to the emergency room in the middle of the night!

However, let it be said that since our last hospitalization in November, Amelia has not had a pnuemonia. She got a cold a couple weeks ago -- and that is ALL it was. A cold. This has never happened in this household. A runny nose has always led to a full blown respiratory fallout -- with major courses of antibiotics, steroids and a slew of breathing treatments.

I attribute all of this wellness to our new Pulmonologist, Dr. Marcus at Maimonides -- who we were led to thru our wonderful friends Carrie & Scott (shout out!!!). From our first visit he was so proactive in Amelia's respiratory treatment and this is exactly what she needed. We had a routine visit with him on Monday and I swear, it's like Amelia understands how much this man has helped her because everytime he walked in the exam room she smiled and laughed at him. That's not typical behavior with a semi-stranger for her. It's great! We are so lucky to have found him.
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Yesterday, Tuesday, we went up to UCP to have Amelia fitted for new braces (AFO's). She is growing like a weed! We're about to order our first adaptive stroller, the Special Tomato EIO Pushchair -- anyone out there have it? It's really nice and I think she'll be much more comfortable in it. The Physiatrist, Dr. E and PT, Michelle, can't believe how big she is. The group there has known Amelia since she was about 6 months old, so it's great to get their perspective and input as to how she is developing. Dr. E was saying "Boy, she's moving a lot. One day she's going to be running around and..." I just glow when I hear someone who has worked with so many kids like mine say that. Dr. E has seen a thousand Amelia's -- and I get giddy when I hear her talk about what she sees for Amelia's future. I see it too!

I try to do a lot of walking with Amelia. She's gotten so strong. I stand behind her, hold her hands and she'll take steps and walk. It's HUGE! I used to have to hold her by the hips or under the armpits, but now she'll walk just holding your hands. Of course each step is a struggle, but she is so determined and I am so excited each time I see her achieve a voyage from her crib to the living room or to her stroller. I still can't believe all she can do!!!!

Also, we've discovered that Amelia is huge grape fan. In the car ride down to Baltimore last week, Nestor and I were snacking on grapes and I felt bad -- because whenever I'm ever eating anything Amelia gives me the stare -- the one that says "Give that to me!" Well, I put one between her teeth and had her bite down on it, then rubbed it all over her tongue and gums -- she loved it. She kept reaching for more and more grapes and I would repeat this ritual each time. Her Speech Therapist came for a session for the first time since the break and I told her about Amelia's new love. She tried it with her and said that she got the best jaw movement she's ever gotten with the grapes! Now that's how you start the year off right!


Thoughts About Life etc. said...

Uncle "Fanny" is "kveling"with joy at the good news. How lucky Amelia is to have you and Nestor as parents. What an honor it is to have you as my niece. CARPE alwqays do!

Adam and Jamie said...

Sounds like amazing things for the new year!!

Sarah Cronin said...

I am smiling ear to ear while reading the update. I'm so proud of Amelia and all of her accomplishments. I look forward to wheeling her in that new pushchair soon. Lots of love and hugs.

Carrie said...

SO excited to hear all the good news!!! It was AWESOME seeing you tonight eventhough it was for a quicky ;). Oh and I LOVE the new blog look!!! XOXOXO