Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Adaptive Designs!!!

Da-da-dah! Introducing Amelia's newest and greatest play space! Thanks to everyone who contributed towards purchasing the chair and table from Adaptive Designs. They created sturdy, easy, functional and beautiful furniture for Amelia that actually looks like a child should be using it (for those who know what adaptive equipment looks like understands what I'm saying here!).

This is an action shot of Amelia's doll, Anna as Amelia sits in the chair -- tolerating my little photo shoot! Notice her feet are on a platform. It is stacked with four levels of foot platforms. They can be removed as she grows. Also, the seat has a removable piece that puts Amelia at a 10% decline when she sits in it. This is to engage her trunk muscles. It's "active" sitting.

Here she is sitting at the table. You can see how nice and supported Amelia looks sitting at her big table! She loves playing with her toys there and has become a champion star stacker!!!! The great thing is that we/her therapists/another friend can pull up a chair to the other side and play with her.
Amelia is so proud of herself! What a big girl!!!!! This has become a really important place for her to play because she is safe and supported which enables her to focus. I can't believe this wonderful furniture is made of multiple layers of cardboard. You can't imagine how strong and incredibly lightweight it is! The link to their site is on the lower side of Amelia's blog -- definitely worth checking out!!! Not only are their products incredible, but they offer classes on how to learn to craft your own projects AND they are some of the nicest people you will ever meet!

With Nestor still away, Amelia and I journeyed to Baltimore last week while her school was on break. We spent a lot of quality time with family and friends there. Jackie, my sister and I were able to steal away for a couple of hours while Bubbie and Zadie babysat. We went to the mall and had a ball at Nordstroms and Forever 21 (I am now laughing at the incident where I asked the salesperson if their "sizes run small?" and she told me "yeah, our clothes are for teens, so you should try another store further down the mall" -- ha, ha, hah, silly girl!)

I reconnected with my 7th grade BFF, Jill. What fun! I met her two spunky angels, Sophie and Oliver. They were adorable and Amelia loved meeting them. She especially loved the pictures they brought for her and the beautiful jewelry box Jill made.

Amelia also loved spending time with her cousins, Maya and Ezra. They were so sweet with her and tried to help out when she played -- doing lots of hand over hand with her. I was so happy that they were spending so much time and paying so much attention to Amelia. Below is an unchoreographed moment I caught of the two girls playing seperately while they leaned against each other. I love it!


Brian said...

The new chair and table look great. I am so glad to see Amelia grow and succeed! The picture with Maya is just beautiful. Love, Cousin Brian

Anonymous said...

Wow! She looks great at her play table. It is so precious. You took wonderful pics of her and of her & Maya back to back. They were adorable. We'll be in touch.


Jodi Michelle Cutler said...

Beautiful post, beautiful chair, beautiful girls...!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I seldom see such good positioning (and I read a lot of blogs). Thanks for showing Adaptive Designs! I will have to start including them in my suggestions for equipment. Amelia looks very good in the new furniture! Sweet photo of her and her cousin. Barbara