Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Here's the finished product...along with a pic of the little girl who will be using it!!! Awwww.

Mommy in action:

The castle on a sunny day, with a golden path, front view:

The frog prince, side view:

The princess in her rose garden, side view:

Where she stands:

A view from above:

Amelia, the little girl/love of my life:


Karen Baitch Rosenberg said...

Debbie, it's beautiful!! Amelia is one special little girl, getting to use that! The love pours out of it, even in the picture... congratualtions to all of you. Best wishes for an easy journey West ~ K.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I can't wait to see it up close and personal. She looks great in it! It is a real "dream" stander! The artistic abilities keep flowing! It's great!


Sophia said...

Debbie and Amelia! Hi, long time no see! I can't believe how BIG Amelia is getting. She seems to be doing really well. I just caught myself up on all your plans for LA! What an adventure, but it sounds like you have already gotten a lot of ducks in a row out there. I hoped that I might visit you guys this summer, but it sounds like you're leaving so soon! I hope all goes well with the move.
Sophia (SLP)

Complicity Theory said...

Wonderful job! I remember watching those images come alive at the ADA, and it is great to see it as it should be. Keep in touch about opening an LA ADA, eh?

(ps: this is jason)