Monday, November 29, 2010

Amelia and Max

Here are the photos of Amelia with Max, our cousins' dog.  It's the first time I've ever seen her take any interest in an animal.  It's so cool!


Take note of Amelia's new shoes and a BIG THANK YOU to Bubbie and Zadie for early birthday/chanukah gifts.  They're actually orthopedic shoes that typical kids in Poland wear.  There are numbers on the bottoms and as they wear away the numbers doctors/therapists can tell whether the child is supinating or pronating and there are inserts that you can buy to put in the shoes to correct the child's gait.   Amelia's PT uses them with the Therasuit Therapy that Amelia receives 2x's weekly.  Amelia walks really nicely in them and can't turn her ankle in them.   They're pricey but really easy to get on and off, comfortable for her to wear all day and quite stylish, I think!  If you're interested in them go to the site



Lady Esther said...

these look like shoes that Beth would like. her feet are very hard to find shoes for because they are plump in areas, yet small and short.