Sunday, March 20, 2011

Certain Proof: A Question of Worth

 Tomorrow, Monday, March 21st @ 1pm EST, I will be Guest Co-Hosting with Tara Ecklund on Family Network TV on Blogtalkradio.  We will be interviewing the filmmakers, Susan and Ken Ellis of Footpath Pictures about their full length documentary "Certain Proof: A Question of Worth" and Dr. Karen Erickson, Yoder Distinguished Professor at UNC, Center for Literacy and Disability Studies.     Their film is so provocative and important.  It really hits home for me.

To watch the trailer of "Certain Proof: A Question of Worth" click HERE.

To listen to Family Network Radio on Blogtalkradio click HERE.

This project was brought to Susan and Ken Ellis by New Voices Foundation.  New Voices wanted the Ellis' to create a film that would bring awareness to a population who is largely overlooked and misunderstood because of their physical and communication limitations. 

To watch the "New Voices" project click HERE

Personally, we are just at the tip of the iceberg with Amelia and figuring out all the paths and battles ahead of us.  Amelia will start Kindergarten in September and I know things are going to become more challenging the bigger she gets.   I know how important it is to find a strong community of support for us.  I am hoping to help those who are coming up behind us...and seeking knowledge from those who have "been there , done that!"  It's so important to know what to expect so you can be ready.  Sadly, it's anticipating your oppositions move before they make it so you can be ready to defend what you have (ie. therapies, adaptive equipment, nursing, medications, DME -durable medical equipment, teachers, schooling, aids/assistants, oh the list goes on and on!).

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Gallaudet said...

Please encourage the producers of all of these videos to be captioned as a matter of course. It is very cheap and easy to do these days, and there's really no excuse any more. It's ironic that they're all about communication, but they are inaccessible to anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing.

Debbie said...

Very good point. I will definitely mention that to them!

lulu younes said...

I dont even know where to start...You did amazing, I didnt hear the whole thing as its midnight but I'll be continuing to listen while I have my morning coffee;) This is so cool, Im so proud of you, Love this and the movie looks increadibe....I cried watching the trailer:/ You didnt even sound nervous, great job so excited to see more:) XOXOX

Elana said...

Very powerful trailer, this kind of documentary is long overdue.It made me quite teary eyed. I am looking forward to seeing the full film. You both did such a great job on the Family Network Radio.It was wonderful to hear your voices again and Nestor- you are definitely still funny:) Hugs and kisses to Amelia xoxox
Elana S.