Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Same Tune

So....last night was one of those nights.  It started when Amelia was on the feeding pump.  She had too much gurgling going on and I knew I wasn't going to get much sleep.  I looked Amelia in the eyes as I put her to bed and I think she knew too.  The first wake-up was around midnight and kept up about every 45 minutes until 3:30am where I got my best sleep of the night, until 6am.  There was lots of coughing, a big ol' runny nose and lots of thick yellow secretions.  Fun.  I must have switched out the blankets I had under her about 7 times throughout the night and suctioned non-stop.

When I finally got her out of bed and into her stander for her respiratory treatment it was a relief.  You know what I mean?  It was that feeling of "Well, thank God we got thru that crappy night and now we can get on with the day and figure this thing out!"

At the stroke of 8:56am I called the Pediatrician's office and miraculously they picked up (4 minutes early!)  and gave me an appt for 10:30am.  The receptionist who picked up calls Amelia the "Subway Baby" because the first time we were taking Amelia to this Dr.'s office I was getting directions from her to the office and she told me to look for the subway on the bottom level of the building.  Having just moved to LA from NYC, I was bewildered and said "You have subways in LA????"  She replied "Of course!" That was the moment we both realized she was talking about the sandwich shop and I was talking about public transportation!!!!  It endeared us to her.  Hey, if it gets me a better appt, so be it!

I gave the whole rundown to the Pediatrician, she took one look in Amelia's ears and informed me that she has big, double whammy ear infections.  Back onto Augmenten (just got off a week ago).  Believe it or not -- the timing couldn't be more perfect!

A few weeks ago I scheduled surgery for Amelia to have tubes put back in her ears next Tuesday.  It will be her 4th set.  She's had about 4 serious infections in the last 3 months, so it seems pretty clear that it's essential for her to stay well.  Had this newest infection taken a few more days to surface, we would have had to cancel -- but we have 7 days.  That's easy.  YAY!  Never been so happy to see an easily-fixed-ear-infection.

So that's the deal.  Getting this girl into fighting shape for Tuesday.  Tomorrow we're off to CHLA to get the go-ahead from her new Pulmonologist, Dr. Platzker.  Good news is that when our Ped. listened to Amelia today she said her lungs were perfectly fine.  Ahhhh, music to my ears.