Saturday, June 4, 2011


So, this morning Nestor and I went to the LA Premiere of the amazing documentary, "Certain Proof: A Question of Worth."  It is a a tremendous project that gives a voice to non-verbal kids like Amelia.

At the end of the film there was a Q&A with the Director, Ray Ellis.  A question was asked by an audience member and when I looked back, I saw that it was a father from Amelia's school, who I used to see all the time in the parking lot at drop-off in the mornings.  I was a little surprised to see him in West Hollywood on a Saturday morning, so far from the Valley.  On the way out we stopped to say hello to him and his wife.  I hadn't seen him in a long time and he mentioned that his son is now in a different school.  He mentioned that he still reads my blog, to which I said "well, it's been awhile since I did an entry."  He agreed.  Oops!  Busted!  I love this blog and I have been very lazy lately in posting.

I plead morning sickness.  Nausea.  Exhaustion.  Yes...Amelia is going to be a big sister in November.  We are very excited and of course, feeling a bit cautious.  Amelia has no idea what she's in for.  I keep telling her that she's going to be the best big sister and I know she will be.  She is all love -- so how could she be anything else!  I am having an amnio on Wednesday -- so keep us in your good thoughts!

Also, Amelia's IEP.  Being put on the waitlist (#204) of the inclusion charter school, Chime -- which we are in love with and were hoping against hope that Amelia might get into for Kindergarten.  Running to GI, ophthalmology, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, OB (for me!) appointments.  We've had some out of town company -- which was spectacular!!!!  And the rest is just general crazy life!!!!!

Amelia's latest thing:  lastnight Nestor and I went to see "Bridesmaids" (so fun!).  As we were walking thru the gate to come into the house, we could hear Amelia hysterically crying from outside.  We came in and she was in a full-blown state.  Big tears and huffing and puffing.  Her nurse said that it had started a few minutes ago right after she hooked up Amelia's dinner feeding.  At first I was sure that it was the cartoon on the TV.  She can be somewhat temperamental about it and seemed to be reaching toward it.  But huge tears and hysteria?  Didn't seem right.  As I went on the other side of her, I was able to see that she was pointing to the big cup next to the TV that holds an assortment of lollipops.  In particular....the big Mickey Mouse eared lolly.  We had given it to her a few days before, but because her secretions had been thick the past few days (cold or allergies?  not sure!) lollies were off the list for now (aspiration risk).  But seriously...she had stated her case and WON!  Out came the lollipop and she was absolutely silent for the rest of her feeding.  Joyfully glowing in the sticky residue of the pop.  It was so incredible to see her fight so vehemently for what she wanted and thank goodness we were able to figure it out.  It is so frustrating for us, but just imagine how Amelia must feel.  She has been reaching for the lolly at each feeding now.  I love it!  She is associating a food (even if it is a lollipop!) with her GT feeds.  Can you imagine never having eaten food -- for your whole life?  Amelia has no real relationship to food.  I hope this is another leap for her.  Small steps are enormous in her world...and in ours!

Enjoy it, my girl!  You deserve it!!!!!!

"What are you looking at?"



Sophia said...

Debbie! Congratulations on your pregnancy - it's very exciting! We are also expecting our second in November! I hope you're feeling well. Amelia will be the very best big sister, I know it.

Debbie said...

Wow Sophia!!!! Congrats to you too!!!! So happy for you guys;)) So what do you think of your girl having a fit for a lolly? A SLP's dream come true, right?

lulu younes said...

OMG! Can I first say Im Dying from EXCITMENT!!!!!!!!!CONGRATS on the baby and for the big sis to be...congrats for your whole family:)Amelia is going to LOVE having a baby...I thought Han would be kinda iffy about Z~ let me say from the second she met him they love each other, there very close and its been great:) Im so increadibly happy for you all! An that lollie story was too cute~ thats increadible she knew what she wanted like that AND she's connecting the mouth flavor with her belly getting full...thats huge!

Steve said...

I didn't mean to bust you, just wanted you to know I enjoy the blog. I keeping telling myself to start one for Max but never seem to get around to it. Good luck with Chime. There are aspects of it we love too we just wish there was more attention to the individual needs of our kids rather than focusing on "core curriculum" It is supposed to be an "Individual" Education Program. Also want to let you know that your New York chutzpah is very welcome here in the Valley.

Sophia said...

I love it! She better hold on tight to those lollies now that the competition is on it's way! I'm glad to hear that things are going well for you out in LA! How are you feeling - just past the first trimester?

Jenna said...

my name is Jenna and i came across your site. Amelia is an amazing, beautiful, brave, courageous, strong, and determined fighter. She is a brave warrior, inspirational hero, and a super trooper. She has a pretty smile. Congratulations on being an expecting mommy of your second child! I was born with a rare life threatening disease and developmental delays. I love it when people sign my guestbook.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the referral to the documentary. Congrats on Amelia's communication and enjoyment with the lolly! Barbara