Monday, October 31, 2011

Playdates, Halloween and More...

Yes, she IS a Rockstar!!!

Amelia had her first official playdate yesterday.  We met up with one of her schoolmates, who has a typical twin sister -- so it was doubly fun!!!  Nestor and I have become friendly with their mom, who is just terrific, so we were really happy to hang out with all three of them.  We met at Brandon's Village in Calabasas, which is a universally accessible playground.  It was our first time there and it was really awesome!  There are ramps to every part of the structure and we were able to take Amelia all over the place.  Their favorite was thing there was this pole with a button you can push to create a cool mist of water.  It was in the upper 80's out here and we had spent some time in the sun, so it was wonderfully refreshing!!!  The girls LOVED it.    Here's a link to the video we took.  *Turn down the volume on your computer because I am WAY too loud.  Sorry, I'm still getting used to the video on my new phone!

Today we went to Amelia's school for their Halloween Parade and class party.  It was adorable!  Amelia was dressed in a festive outfit to show off her Halloweeny spirit.  After the big parade, the kids all went trick or treating from room to room and then Amelia was treated to a big plate of frosting from the big Halloween cake her teacher had brought in.  She had quite the amazing time with it!

Amelia at the parade in her stander

Concentration is the most important part for destroying a plate of icing! 

Testing the icing to make sure it's okay to proceed

 And it's good!!!!!!

And not to be ignored...Mommy went as an 8 Ball!

We're 2 weeks away from the big day!  And yes, I am getting a little excited/nervous/anxious/crazy!!!!!


Anonymous said...

So cute! Amelia seemed to have a great time at the park getting soaked--what fun! Halloween icing looked good as well. You are looking FABULOUS, especially as an 8 ball--are you trying to steal Uncle Neil's thunder? 2 weeks & counting!

patricia said...

hoping nothing but the best for you, nester and amelia