Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Potty Post!

 Amelia relaxing on the deck 

It has finally happened..Amelia has now gone #1 on the potty -- averaging about 2x's/day since she started school on Monday.  Woo hoo!!!!!  Her healthcare attendant, who we really like, informed me on Amelia's first day of school that she will be putting her on the potty 2x's each day at school.  So Nestor and I ran out on Monday afternoon and bought a little potty for home.  She went #1 for the first time at school and the first time at home was yesterday afternoon.  Both Mommy and Daddy were present and you would have thought we had just won the lottery with the hooting an hollering we did!  Amelia was very proud of herself too!

It's weird too because I just had a conversation with another special mom last week about how she's been toileting her son -- who is very similar to Amelia.  I was surprised because I hadn't really thought of it as a possibility for Amelia until much further down the road.  My friend told me to start making a log of when (more or less) Amelia goes, throughout the day.  Then try to put her on the potty when you think it might be the right time.  I haven't started the official "log" but I'm trying to feel her diaper and if it's been dry for awhile, putting her on the potty. 

Another thing I haven't done yet, which my friend recommended, is to get her big girl undies and put them under the diaper so she can feel when she gets wet (our kids have enough issues with sensory stuff and diapers these days wick the moisture away, so much so, that typical kids have problems feeling when they're wet) -- so I guess that's next.  It just sounds like such a huge commitment and mess!

No #2's yet...but the day is young!


Anonymous said...

We are so proud of her! Give her a few hoots for Bubbie,too! And some hugs and kisses. She looks great on her chair on the deck!

Sophia said...

Deb! Amelia looks amazing. I'm so glad to hear you guys are doing well in LA. Hope everything continues to go your way!

Shauna said...

That's so great! I've thought about looking to see if there's a potty seat out there with full support (head/torso) so I can put Charlie on it. She's obviously never going to get herself to the potty and do it on her own, but I think it would be nice if we could take her a few times a day. I think she has the physical awareness and cognitive ability to learn. I've never met anyone that's tried with a child like Charlie though. I've talked to one mom who had a daughter more like Amelia and they had her fully potty-trained by 10 or so. No diapers at all! They would take her of course, help her up and down off the toilet, and help her clean up, but she was able to wear big girl underwear, which I think HAD to be good for her self-esteem.